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Baltimore Police: Officer found drunk in patrol car 'embarrassed the agency, yet again'

A Baltimore Police spokesman acknowledged on Thursday that the discovery of an officer drunk in his patrol car is “something that embarrassed the agency, yet again.”

Officer Aaron Heilman, working and in full uniform, was found slumped over behind the wheel of his marked patrol vehicle near Pigtown on Tuesday afternoon, police said. A Breathalyzer revealed his blood alcohol level was 0.22.

Heilman, who could not be reached for comment, was fired the following day and charged with a DUI.

Police spokesman TJ Smith answered reporters’ questions about the incident towards the end of a news conference called to announce two arrests made in the Riverside killing of Timothy Moriconi.

“I saw officers walking around disgusted because they saw what happened,” Smith said, but added that the officer’s firing showed the department’s capacity to deal with such events.

Smith said he didn’t know whether the officer was drunk when he showed up for his shift.

Asked by a reporter whether Heilman would have had to check in with a supervisor before receiving the keys to his vehicle, Smith responded: “I’m not sniffing your breath when you come in.”

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