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Man convicted of killing two in North Baltimore parking dispute

City jury convicts man of murder, manslaughter in killing of two men in dispute over parking space.

A Baltimore jury on Monday convicted a 36-year-old man in the killing of two men in a dispute over a parking space in January 2015.

Dennis Padgett was convicted of first-degree murder for killing Robert Thomas, 47, and voluntary manslaughter for killing Troy Preston, 40, according to a clerk for Judge Pamela J. White, who oversaw the case. He was also convicted of related handgun charges.

Police said at the time that Padgett and Thomas began fighting over a parking spot outside Padgett's home in the 3900 block of Glenkirk Road, in the Ramblewood neighborhood, on the evening of Jan. 12, 2015. Police said the dispute had been going for some time.

Padgett took his children inside his home and came back with a rifle and handgun. Preston, who was with his four-year-old son, was shot four times in the head outside his home. Thomas was shot once in the street then chased and shot additional times in the middle of traffic.

Padgett retreated into his home, prompting a SWAT team to respond to the scene. He eventually came out with his hands up to surrender.

Police had charged Padgett with two counts of first-degree murder. Two counts of reckless endangerment were dropped on Dec. 2.

Padgett's attorneys could not be reached late Monday.

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