Baltimore Police officers were shot at Sunday evening, the second such occurrence in a week, police confirmed.

Police said two officers were in the 1300 block of Ostend Street in Pigtown at around 6:15 p.m. Sunday when they heard gunfire and saw people running.


The officers saw a gunman, who turned toward them and fired one time, police said. No one was struck, and the officers did not fire back "out of concern for the citizens in the area," said Capt. Jarron Jackson, a police department spokesman. The gunman got away, police said.

It was similar to an incident reported Tuesday, in Morrell Park, when a bullet struck an officer's patrol vehicle. According to an incident report, an officer was sitting his marked patrol vehicle in the 2500 block of Washington Blvd. around 9:20 p.m. when he heard several pops.

The officer believed the sounds were coming from the 1900 block of Harman Avenue, and he saw several people running northbound in that block, the report says.

The officer then "felt something thump into the front of the vehicle and he ducked down behind the steering wheel," according to the incident report. He got out to check the vehicle and the front headlight had been struck by a bullet, police said. Shell casings were later found in the 1900 block of Harman Avenue.

Police did not know whether the gunman intended to fire at the vehicle in the Harman Avenue incident; in the Ostend Street incident, police said they believe the gunman knew he had fired in the officers' direction.

The Police Department did not report either incident to the public, but confirmed details when asked by The Baltimore Sun.

"It shows how inherently dangerous this job is, and the monumental task that we ask of our police officers," said Capt. Jarron Jackson, a police department spokesman.

Baltimore Police have shot three people this year, far fewer than at this time in recent years. Nine people had been shot at this time in 2016; seven at this point in 2015; eight at this time in 2014; and 13 at this time in 2013.