Police release body-camera footage, charge suspect in South Baltimore shooting of officer

Baltimore Police on Thursday released body-camera footage showing a struggle between an officer and a suspect in South Baltimore the night prior that ended with the officer being shot in the hand and the suspect being subdued with a Taser.

“Show me your hands. Show me your hands,” the officer can be heard saying in the footage from his camera as he shined a flashlight on Allen Hosea Johnson Jr., 35.


Police have said the officer was approaching Johnson, who was walking down a street in Cherry Hill, because he was showing “characteristics of an armed gunman.”

“What’d I do?” Johnson says in the footage.


“You got a gun on you, man?” the officer asks.

“No,” Johnson says.

“Don’t reach for anything,” the officer replies, just as he appears to reach for Johnson’s waist.

The struggle then begins, and the sound of gunfire is heard.

Another officer on the scene uses a Taser on Johnson, who screams, as the officer who was shot pulls back — saying the gun had been thrown under a fence.

Police say a .40 caliber handgun was recovered.

“They’re literally wrestling over the gun, and then the gun is discharged by our bad guy and it strikes our 30-year-old police officer in the hand,” Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said Thursday. “These things happen very, very quickly. It’s a matter of seconds. It’s a violent struggle. And thank God we’re not talking about planning another police funeral.”

The shooting occurred Wednesday night, not long after Det. Sean Suiter — who was fatally shot while on duty in West Baltimore two weeks ago — was buried.


T.J. Smith, a police spokesman, said some of the officers who responded to the Wednesday night shooting were still in their dress uniforms from Suiter’s funeral earlier in the day.

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The 30-year-old officer who was shot, a three-year veteran of the force, was taken to Shock Trauma for treatment but has since been released. Police have not identified him.

Johnson has been charged with attempted first- and second-degree murder, first- and second-degree assault, felony second-degree assault of a law enforcement officer, and multiple drug and firearm offenses, police said Thursday.

He was taken to the hospital for treatment related to having been Tasered, police said.

Johnson could not be reached for comment, and did not have an attorney listed in online court records.

Police said he was prohibited from having a firearm because of previous convictions, and referred to him as a repeat offender who should not have been on Baltimore’s streets with a gun.


Davis applauded the Southern District Action Team officers involved for their courage.

“These guys are out there doing what the community wants them to do,” Davis said. “We have an armed gunman walking around the community, and Lord only knows what his intention was with that firearm.”