Mosby supports 'truth in sentencing,' seeks distinction for nonviolent offenders

One day after meeting with Gov. Larry Hogan to discuss crime, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby gave broad support for his “truth in sentencing” proposal.

“I’m supportive of anything that’s going to go after violent repeat offenders,” Mosby said when asked on WBAL Radio’s “C4 Show” whether she agreed with the governor’s idea.

Mosby said she believes Hogan was focusing on violent repeat offenders, and said there should be a distinction for nonviolent offenders.

“I think that when it comes to truth in sentencing, I think he was focusing on truth in sentencing for violent repeat offenders,” Mosby said. “It’s not necessarily taking away judges’ discretion. It’s unlike mandatory minimums. It’s more about abolishing and curbing parole, so when you’re sentenced, you actually do the time. You’re getting less ‘good-time credit.’”

Hogan convened a closed-door meeting of criminal justice leaders Tuesday to discuss crime, and emerged saying he would push “truth in sentencing” legislation in the next General Assembly session.

In other states, so-called truth-in-sentencing legislation has often meant eliminating parole and good-time credits that reduce the sentences of prison inmates. In Maryland, those convicted with nonviolent offenses will generally serve 40 percent of their sentence, while those convicted of violent crimes will serve about two-thirds of the sentence.

Hogan, however, did not provide details about the bill he will propose.

Mosby’s comments on the “truth in sentencing” idea were similar to remarks she made when asked about Mayor Catherine Pugh’s mandatory minimum gun bill, saying she broadly supported strengthening gun control.

“We’ve been supportive of overall gun reform, and anything that’s going to strengthen ways in which we can go after violent repeat offenders, I’m for,” she told The Baltimore Sun earlier this month.

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