After a full day of deliberations, jurors remained divided in the murder case against a Park Heights man accused of a vigilante war on drug dealers.

The jury was dismissed without reaching a verdict and ordered to resume deliberations Wednesday.


Mausean Carter, 31, allegedly carried out a series of drive-by shootings in December 2017 aimed at drug dealers in West Baltimore. He had become fed up with the drug dealers cat-calling his girlfriend, hassling him and sitting on the used cars he bought and sold from his home, police and prosecutors say.

Carter allegedly armed himself with a high-powered assault rifle then set out. In three days of shootings, two men were killed and several others wounded. Prosecutors say some victims were innocent bystanders struck and killed by stray gunfire.

Jury begins deliberations in murder trial of Baltimore man accused of vigilante war on drugs

Mausean Carter, 31, allegedly armed himself with a handgun and assault rifle then set out to assassinate drug dealers in West Baltimore.

Then he drew widespread attention for leading police on a high-speed chase through the city before his arrest. In a recorded interview with police, Carter admitted to carrying out his personal “war on drugs.”

Members of his family say he suffered delusions and mental illness. They tried to have him committed, only to be turned away.

Carter is charged with two murders, several counts of attempted murder, reckless endangerment and handgun charges. He faces life in prison.

If he’s convicted, jurors will then take up the question of whether he possesses the mental capacities to be held criminally responsible. The outcome of the hearing could determine whether Carter serves his sentence in a prison or hospital.