Jury deliberations to stretch into fifth day in Baltimore killing of bartender Sebastian Dvorak

Jurors continue deliberations in the murder trial of Sebastian Dvorak, a Canton bartender killed walking home last summer.
Jurors continue deliberations in the murder trial of Sebastian Dvorak, a Canton bartender killed walking home last summer. (Baltimore Sun)

A Baltimore County jury is to begin a fifth day of deliberations Thursday in the murder trial of a Baltimore teenager charged with robbing and shooting Sebastian Dvorak in Canton two years ago.

The jury sent Baltimore County Circuit Judge Nancy Purpura a note Wednesday saying they were deadlocked over some of the 19 charges against the murder suspect, Malik Mungo.


“The jury is unable to reach a unanimous decision on eight charges,” the judge read aloud in court. “We do not believe further deliberation will help.”

She addressed the attorneys: “At this point, I’m not inclined to give up.”


Purpura ordered the jurors to continue deliberations. They left Wednesday evening with plans to return Thursday morning and resume their work.

Outside the courthouse, Sebastian’s father, David Dvorak, said he was frustrated after three weeks of testimony in the murder trial.

“It has been a grueling three weeks,” he said. “It’s testimony and video no parent wants to see.”

The jury had also asked whether someone can be an accomplice after a crime occurs. Mungo’s defense attorney, Mark Van Bavel, said it’s clear the jury is stuck.

“The jury is probably hung up on the major charges,” he said.

The 19 counts Mungo faces include murder, drug and gun possession and gang charges.

It has been a grueling three weeks. It’s testimony and video no parent wants to see.

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The 19-year-old testified last week that he was smoking marijuana and wandering around Canton searching for an unlocked car to take joyriding. He testified that’s when a young man he was with — a casual acquaintance he knew only as “Goon,” he said — robbed and shot Sebastian Dvorak outside the landmark Can Co. building.

The two men ran off, and Mungo said he ditched the murder weapon and later lied to detectives. Police continue to search for “Goon.”

Dvorak’s death in June 2017 launched police and prosecutors on a yearlong investigation that brought down an East Baltimore street gang led by the Bloods. Eight of 13 defendants pleaded guilty, and a ninth was convicted at trial. Three others are to be tried in August. Mungo alone was charged with murdering Dvorak.

Investigators traced the gang’s earliest known crimes to September 2016 in Baltimore County. Some gang members lived in the county and kept drugs there. Maryland’s gang statute allows prosecutors to charge all crimes committed by a gang in the jurisdiction of any one crime. So the Maryland Attorney General’s Office chose to prosecute Mungo in Baltimore County Circuit Court.

Dvorak was a popular bartender at Ryleigh's Oyster locations. Known as “Sebass,” he graduated from Calvert Hall College High School in 2009 before attending Salisbury University and University of Baltimore. He had been celebrating his 27th birthday in Canton and walking back on Boston Street when he was robbed and shot.

“Sebastian would be the first person defending the underprivileged,” his father said. “That’s what makes this particularly bitter.”

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