Baltimore police pursue a vehicle to Johns Hopkins Hospital after witnessing a shooting on Aiken Street. (Algerina Perna, Baltimore Sun video)

Four men and a woman have been charged with attempted murder in a Tuesday afternoon shootout in East Baltimore that led to an hours-long tactical shutdown of the neighborhood and a police pursuit of three of the suspects to the doors of Johns Hopkins Hospital, police said Wednesday.

Those charged included Kenneth Black, 24, of the North Harford Road neighborhood in Northeast Baltimore, who was shot in the hand in the shootout and was one of the three suspects in the SUV that police pursued from the shooting scene to the hospital, police said.


The other two in the vehicle — Darius Foster, 22, of Ellwood Park, and Shamya Beckett, 18, of Madison-Eastend — also were charged, police said.

Police said Black, Foster and Beckett had exchanged gunfire with the other two suspects charged in the case: Devin O’Cain, 26, and Charles Alston, 28, both of Park Circle in Northwest Baltimore.

In addition to attempted murder, all five have been charged assault and handgun and drug offenses, police said. None could be reached for comment on Wednesday, and did not have attorneys listed in online court records.

The shooting between the two groups occurred about 2:15 p.m. in the 2100 block of Aiken St., in the East Baltimore Midway neighborhood, and was witnessed by officers in the area, who “went after one of the vehicles involved,” police spokesman T.J. Smith said on Tuesday.

The SUV’s arrival at the hospital’s North Wolfe Street entrance caused a large commotion outside the busy hospital, with Black receiving treatment out front and the others being taken into custody.

O’Cain and Alston were arrested inside of a home in the 2100 block of Aiken St., police said.

Police initially thought that there could be additional shooting victims, and officers at the scene of the shooting — both city police and agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — treated it like an active-shooter incident.

Shooting witnessed by police in East Baltimore prompts chase to Johns Hopkins Hospital

Baltimore Police and other law enforcement agencies responded to an incident that appeared to end outside Johns Hopkins Hospital Tuesday afternoon.

Officers and agents swept several blocks in each direction for evidence with handguns and rifles drawn, and a team with shields, helmets and long guns later entered a home on the block as police and ATF commanders, including ATF Baltimore Special Agent in Charge Daniel L. Board Jr., took tactical positions outside.

The ATF declined to comment Wednesday on its role in the investigation into the shooting. It only said Tuesday that it was “assisting” police.

Some of those arrested have records involving guns.

Foster was found guilty of a gun charge in October 2016, for which he received a three-year sentence with two and a half years suspended, plus three years of probation.

O’Cain was found guilty of first-degree assault in an attempted murder case in 2013, and received a five-year sentence with three years suspended, plus three years probation. He was found not guilty of a gun charge last year.

Alston was found guilty of gun possession on Feb. 2, and received a two-day prison sentence and two years probation.