'Totally unacceptable': Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Harrison deals with 'most violent' day on job

Five people were shot in northwest Baltimore near Bloom St. & Pennsylvania Ave. (Ulysses Muñoz, Baltimore Sun video)

Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison called Thursday — his “most violent” day on the job in which four people were fatally shot and eight others were injured — “totally unacceptable.”

Harrison has attended eight community meet-and-greets in the past two weeks, where he said he wanted to hear directly from residents about issues as he begins to tackle an array of issues in Baltimore, including crime and community distrust of the police force.


“Hearing from citizens, it’s a resounding central theme. People are tired of the violence,” he said.

But Harrison was optimistic after attending the meetings, where he said residents offered support and a commitment to improving the city.

“We will need the community’s help. It’s all about community partnership,” he said.

Community partnerships, along with collaboration with local, state and federal partners, is needed, he said, “to really target and focus on these violent individuals who are committing violence and causing havoc on the community.”

As of Thursday night, Harrison said investigators did not believe the violence was connected. The series of seven shootings started in the morning and lasted into the night, and included one incident in which four men were injured and another was killed.

The spate of violence continued early Friday when a man was killed and another injured in separate shootings.

Harrison said officers were still working to collect and process evidence, which he said would allow investigators to come back to the community to ask for more information.

“We’re working to find clues. Gathering and processing evidence to figure out why, who, what, when,” he said.