Baltimore firefighter charged with burglary after allegedly stealing from fire stations, police say

The Baltimore Sun

A Baltimore firefighter on medical leave has been charged with multiple counts of burglary after he allegedly broke into several city fire stations Wednesday, police said.

Douglas Ellsworth Cloman II, 34, of the first block of Wragby Circle in Perry Hall, is charged with one count of second-degree burglary, two counts of fourth-degree burglary and one count of theft, according to court records. He did not have an attorney listed in court records Thursday.

Police say Cloman, who was on medical leave from his position with the fire department, let himself into two fire stations with a set of keys in the early morning Wednesday and stole goods from the station and from other firefighters.

Fire officials told police around 3:21 a.m. that they allegedly found a man in a firefighter uniform in the station in the 2600 block of Washington Boulevard. When fire officials confronted him, he quickly fled. A firefighter later realized her wallet was missing, police said.

Fire stations all over the city were then placed on alert and told to frequently check that their firehouses were secure, police said.

At 4:22 a.m. police were dispatched to the fire station in the 5800 block of Bel Air Road, where a station captain said numerous items had been stolen. The captain allegedly told police the suspect matched the description of one of the station’s members, who had just tried to enter the building but was unable because the locks had been changed.

Cloman allegedly told the officer that he came to the firehouse to wash his uniform. He was brought into police custody for questioning and was later found to have keys to fire houses all over the city, as well as a wallet that did not belong to him and a chainsaw that had recently been stolen from a fire truck, police said.

Cloman is being held in Baltimore Central Booking, police said.

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