Baltimore Police is reporting that one man was killed and another in critical condition after a double shooting this morning just off North Avenue. (Baltimore Sun video)

Larry Weaver heard his uncle was shot and drove his pickup to the scene in East Baltimore.

Before him, police placed orange cones to mark the double shooting in the street. On North Regester Street, police say, a 30-year-old man was fatally shot and a 69-year-old man was critically wounded Thursday morning — the latest victims of a recent spate of violence.


Weaver watched the detectives work in the rain. He shook his head, saying his uncle, George Evans, was probably trying to protect his grandson when he was wounded.

The grandson, Weaver said, was killed.

"Look, there goes his girl," he said.

Three men killed in shootings Wednesday, Baltimore police say

Three men were killed in Baltimore on Wednesday, Baltimore police said, continuing a spate of violence from over the weekend.

A woman hurried up the block in the Broadway East neighborhood. Before anyone could stop her, she ducked under the yellow police tape. Then a man grabbed her and held her. Together, they sagged against a house at the corner.

"No, no, no," she was crying, "Get off me. Get off."

The man held her as she cried. Weaver walked over and put an arm around her shoulders. She sobbed into the chest of the man who held her.

On the street, neighbors watched in silence. It was another tragic scene in the spate of recent violence.

The pace of shootings slowed to begin the year compared to 2017, the city's worst year of gun violence on record. But the violence has jumped from 16 killings last month to 25 in April — including a mother and daughter killed in their West Baltimore home and a 65-year-old woman shot and killed on her porch.

Chief T.J. Smith, a police spokesman, said more officers have been dispatched to quell the violence. In fact, one officer was close enough to hear the gunfire around 11:30 a.m. Thursday.

"An officer was actually on this block on another call," Smith said, "and actually heard the shots being fired. That officer gave pursuit."

Some people have been taken into custody for questioning, Smith said. He declined to say how many or provide information about the two victims.

Around the neighborhood, Evans was known as "Mr. George," a kindly man who enjoyed an afternoon sitting on his stoop.

"The whole neighborhood knew him," Weaver said.

He watched some people lead the crying woman through the rain, and an officer drive her away.