Dog shot in mouth during Baltimore home invasion 'fighting for her life,' BARCS says

Gun violence doesn’t just affect humans: A dog was shot in the face during a Sunday home invasion in Baltimore City, according to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter.

The brown and white dog named Lenna was found lying in her crate in a pool of her own blood, according to BARCS. She had been shot by intruders while she was in her cage. Animal control rushed the dog to an emergency veterinary clinic.

X-rays revealed that the bullet went in her lip, shattered two teeth, damaged her tongue, then went through her throat and tonsils and was lodged next to her vertebrae, according to BARCS.

Surgery removed the bullet, but the dog is unable to eat except through a tube, her condition is listed as “guarded.” BARCS said she is “fighting for her life.”

While the animal shelter has been in contact with Lenna’s owner, BARCS spokeswoman Bailey Deacon said Wednesday, the dog’s future living arrangements are secondary to restoring her health.

“Once we reach a point where she is happy and healthy, we’ll be working with owner to find the best placement for her,” Deacon said.

BARCS is seeking donations for Lenna to its Franky Fund, which saves the lives of animals with extraordinary medical needs and emergencies. This fund is the lifeline for injured, sick and abused animals in Baltimore City.

Baltimore Sun reporter Colin Campbell contributed to this article.

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