A Baltimore man who shot a 24-year-old outside a downtown nightclub last year was sentenced to 55 years in prison Friday as the victim’s family packed the courtroom.

The Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office said Karaca Hyman, 32, shot and killed Abdoulie Jallow, 24, outside the Club Oxygen in September, 2018. A jury convicted Hyman of second-degree murder earlier this year.


“Abdoulie Jallow was a promising young man, loved by many, who did not deserve for his life to end over a trifle,” assistants state’s attorney Kurt Bjorklund said in a statement.

Police found Jallow just after 2 p.m. at South Calvert and Redwood Street and died after being transported to a hospital.

Investigators learned Jallow and his friends had been in an argument with a man in a “black leather jacket with a distinctive design, black pants and a black head-scarf” who was later identified as Hyman, prosecutors said. Hyman then threatened Jallow and his friends, yelling “I’ll be back, I got something for you,” prosecutors said.

The shooting was captured on the city’s CCTV footage, which prosecutors said showed Hyman return in a green BMW that struck Jallow as he crossed Calvert Street.

Hyman’s attorney John Hassett said the video showed his client was driving slowly and his vehicle nudge Jallow. He said the video also showed Jallow walk up to the car, put his hand on the door and punch his client. Hyman then shot Jallow four times in the chest and arms before speeding away.

Police later found Hyman’s BMW on fire in East Baltimore, and used the car’s license plate number to identify Hyman as the registered owner. A search of Hyman’s phone and call data by police placed him in the area at the time of the shooting.

Hassett said the fact that his client was punched was not an excuse but was why he sought lesser charge of manslaughter for his client while prosecutors sought first-degree murder. Jurors compromised, Hassett said, and convicted Hyman of second-degree murder in September.

Hassett said his client has two young daughters and has been in a committed relationship for a decade. Hyman had recently struggled with getting his own car washing business off the ground and started drinking heavily, he said.

“It’s such profound sadness when you look at the impact of these crimes have on both sides,” Hassett said.