Police charged boyfriend in killing of woman, 30, found dead in Druid Hill Park, according to documents

Baltimore homicide detectives have arrested a 30-year-old man in connection with the killing of his girlfriend, whose body was wrapped in a blanket and dumped in Druid Hill Park last week.

Breonna Rogers, 30, was found shot to death on Jan. 19, off of the 3100 block of Swann Rd. Her body was found in the grass, wrapped in a blanket, and with blood visible on her hands. An autopsy determined she had been shot in the neck.


Police determined her last known address was an apartment building in the 3600 block of Liberty Heights Rd., more than two miles away in Northwest Baltimore. Detective Eric Perez wrote in charging documents that they visited the apartment to try to determine the whereabouts of Rogers’ young child as well as her vehicle.

At the apartment, the detectives say they saw drops of blood in the apartment lobby and on the door frame of her apartment. Homicide Sgt. Robert Cherry approved forced entry, determining there were “exigent circumstances,” the documents say.


Rogers’ boyfriend, Major Kinchen, was inside, and police found a handgun and the keys to Rogers’ vehicle.

“Additional evidence was recovered that would show the defendant was in a relationship with the victim and that the defendant was with the victim, inside her 2009 Hyundai, when he shot her in the upper body and then dumped her body in Druid Hill Park,” Perez wrote.

An inspection of the vehicle determined she was shot in her car, police said. Surveillance footage also showed Kinchen and Rogers leaving the apartment together, and Kinchen leaving Druid Hill Park in Rogers’ vehicle and returning to the apartment without Rogers, police said.

Kinchen was first charged in connection with the gun recovered, and was ordered held without bond. He has since been charged with murder.

He did not have an attorney listed in court records.

Attempts to reach relatives of Rogers were unsuccessful.