Police body-worn camera and surveillance video footage from a fatal shooting of 24-year-old, John Feggins last month outside a Rite Aid pharmacy in Baltimore.

Baltimore police released the body-worn camera and surveillance video footage Tuesday that partially captured the struggle over a gun that led officers to fatally shoot a man last month outside a Rite Aid drug store in North Baltimore.

The footage shows the interactions between 24-year-old John Feggins and Officer Ryan Glass, who attempted to question Feggins about an armed robbery earlier that month at the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore. Feggins was shot and killed in the altercation.


The footage shows only part of the incident, as Glass’ body-worn camera became “disabled as he was attacked” by Feggins, Deputy Commissioner Brian Nadeau, who heads the department’s Public Integrity Bureau, said at a news conference Tuesday. A second officer who arrived on scene did not turn his camera on until after the shooting — which investigators attribute to the officer rushing to help Glass, Nadeau said.

However, surveillance video from the Rite Aid "gives you a really good view of what actually did take place,” Nadeau said.

Store surveillance video shows Feggins tackle the officer, causing them both to fall to the ground several feet away from Feggins’ vehicle. In the footage, Feggins, who is wearing a white cap, is then seen holding a gun in his right hand and Glass is seen reaching for it. At that point, Officer Joel Hawk arrived, and both officers attempted to disarm Feggins.

The three men appear to struggle on the ground, but the upper halves of their bodies are out of view of the surveillance camera. Nadeau said three shots were fired, but investigators are still trying to determine whether officers fired all three. Police said Feggins was armed and his gun was recovered from the scene.

Both officers, assigned to the Northern District, remain on administrative leave, Nadeau said. He said they have not yet been interviewed about the incident.

The shooting remains under investigation by the department’s homicide and special response units, and the state’s attorney’s office.

Attempts to reach Feggins’ family have been unsuccessful. Police said Feggins had a last known address in Philadelphia, but also had past addresses in the Baltimore area.

Nadeau said the incident began around 9:40 a.m. in the parking lot of the strip mall at York Road and Gittings Avenue, just south of the county line. Northern District officers received an alert to be on the lookout for a Chevy Impala and driver that were wanted in connection with an armed robbery at the casino’s garage on Oct. 9.

Footage from Glass’ body camera shows the officer pulling up to the Rite Aid and approaching the car in which Feggins is sitting in the driver seat. Glass asks him for his driver’s license and tells him to turn the car engine off.

Glass orders Feggins out of the car. His body-worn camera shows Feggins initially comply with the officer’s orders. The officer then patted him down for weapons and told him to sit back down in the driver’s seat.

Feggins had been sitting in the driver seat, and Glass then tells him to stand up.

“Aw, buddy,” Feggins tells him, as he stands up and begins to turn toward the car. Then Glass’ camera shuts off.

The store surveillance camera shows the two men then struggling on the ground. Feggins, in the white cap, can be seen holding a gun, and Hawk is seen pulling up in a police vehicle and rushing over to the two men on the ground.

Hawk’s camera later captures the scene after the shooting, Nadeau said.


Hawk can be seen holding his gun out in front of him, while two other guns are on the ground alongside Feggins’ sneaker, which appears to have fallen off during the struggle. Glass is seen holding Feggins’ arm and a set of handcuffs are laying on the ground. The footage released by the department then cuts off.

Feggins was taken by ambulance to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead, police said.

Feggins is the fourth man fatally shot by Baltimore Police this year. City police shot four people last year, two of whom died.

The state’s attorney’s office, which can choose to bring charges against officers who use excessive force, has not yet released any declination reports related to this year’s cases.