‘He did not want to return to prison’: Baltimore man released on home pretrial detention becomes homicide victim

Reginal Goodall, 30, was found suffering from gunshot wounds inside of a car Aug. 8. He was released on home detention months in April.
Reginal Goodall, 30, was found suffering from gunshot wounds inside of a car Aug. 8. He was released on home detention months in April. (Family Photo)

A Baltimore man who was placed on home monitoring after a judge determined he did not pose a flight risk was shot and killed shortly after leaving his home last month, according to a court status report and police records.

Reginal Goodall, 30, was shot while sitting in his car around 9:02 p.m. Aug. 8 in the 1100 block of Patterson Park Ave., near the Middle East neighborhood.


Goodall spent the afternoon at Six Flags America amusement park near Bowie and returned home at 5:22 p.m., according to records from a court-ordered monitoring system. Goodall left the home again around 7:22 p.m. and did not return, according to his sister and court records.

Goodall was awaiting trial on weapons charges and had violated the conditions of his release by visiting Six Flags that day, his attorney said.


His family said Goodall was a good father and an entrepreneur trying to turn his life turned around. He was working to get many enterprises off the ground, including a clothing line and a skin care business that he worked on before and after being arrested, they said.

Goodall’s sister, Leanne, who declined to give her last name due to safety reasons, described her brother as “headstrong.” If he had a goal, she said, he always thought it through before he began working towards it. Goodall’s two-year-old son was his top priority, she said.

Brandon Mead, Goodall’s attorney, said they were working to “get him out of jail” so Goodall could get his life back on track. Goodall was being held on firearms charges at the Metropolitan Transition Center and was released on April 28, according to Mead.

“He did not want to return to prison. Whether it was on borrowed time or if he never returned, he was really trying to turn his life around,” Leanne told the Baltimore Sun.

Staff at the Advantage Sentencing Alternative Programs, Inc. which ran the monitoring program, tried to reach Goodall about his violation but his monitor went into an alert after he either took it off or tried to take it off the day he died, according to Mead.

Ladonna, the mother of Goodall’s son, said she talked with him on the phone just two hours before the shooting incident took place. She asked that her last name not be used, citing safety concerns.

“He picked up where he left off, immersing himself in fatherhood and to continue whatever the venture he was on prior to being incarcerated in the first place,” Ladonna said. “Prison did not deter him.”

A representative of the sentencing alternative program said it is working with police to provide any information that would help the investigation.

The police incident report said that officers were dispatched to the Patterson Park avenue area to investigate a vehicle collision. Medics told officers at the scene that Goodall was inside the vehicle suffering from gunshot wounds.

Goodall was pulled from a black Honda Accord and placed on a stretcher after being found “unconscious and covered in blood,” according to a police incident report.

Goodall was still unconscious as medics performed chest compressions. Police found bullet holes on the side door of Goodall’s vehicle along with large amounts of blood where he was sitting, according to the police report.

He was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


Goodall’s sister said they have not heard much from detectives in the case.

Baltimore police confirmed that Goodall’s case remains open. Anyone with information can contact detectives at 410-396-2100.

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