Two men were shot, one fatally, inside a barbershop on Eastern Avenue. (Kenneth K. Lam, Baltimore Sun video)

Police have charged a 29-year-old Baltimore man with first-degree murder for his role in a barbershop shootout last month in Highlandtown.

Sammie Carroll took himself to a hospital with gunshot wounds to his stomach, back and leg not long after a shooting broke out on Feb. 19 in a barbershop in the 3200 block of Eastern Ave., police say in charging documents. Andreas Tamaris, 47, was killed, and another man was injured in the shooting.


Witnesses told police that two men entered the barbershop, with one of them removing a shotgun from a luggage bag. “This individual then racked [the gun] discharging a live shotgun cartridge on the floor,” police wrote in charging documents. A second man had a handgun, and both men began firing, police said.

Someone in the barbershop had a gun of their own and fired back, and told police they believed they had struck one of the attackers. They identified him as going by a street name of “J.R.,” whom they picked out of a photo lineup as Carroll, police said.

A former Highlandtown businessman released three days earlier from federal prison was identified as the man fatally shot by masked men in a neighborhood barbershop Monday evening.

Surveillance footage showing the suspects making their way to the barbershop showed Carroll wearing the same clothes he was wearing when he arrived at the hospital , police said.

Carroll was served with charging documents on Wednesday, and he was ordered held without bail on Thursday.

Tamaris had been released from federal prison just three days before the shooting occurred, but police say there is no indication his case had anything to do with the shooting.