What are jurors being asked in Freddie Gray case?

Judge Barry G. Williams asked potential jurors in a Baltimore courthroom a series of questions Monday as he tried to narrow a pool of city residents down to a set of jurors and alternates.

Williams — aiming to seat a jury for the trial of Officer William Porter, one of six charged in the death of Freddie Gray — requested that they stand and give their juror number if they had a response or question.

The first trial of a Baltimore Police officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray got off to what looked like a slow start with jury selection Monday, but analysts say the intense legal combat expected to mark the case has begun.
A sampling of those questions, and the juror response:
  • Would you give "more or less weight" to testimony from an officer simply because they are an officer? Seven jurors stood.
  • Are you or an immediate family member law enforcement? 12 stood.
  • Have you or your immediate family been the victim of crime, been arrested/charged/convicted, or facing pending charges? 38 stood.
  • Do you have strong feelings about the charges Porter faces? 26 stood.
  • Do you have "strong feelings" about Freddie Gray or Porter being African American? 1 stood.
  • Do you have strong feelings about the race, sex, religion, etc., of the defendant, witnesses, etc.? 1 stood.
  • Do you believe you can not serve on jury because of medical issues? 10 stood.
  • Do you believe you can not serve on jury for another reason? 29 stood.
One juror, No. 223, indicated he knew both Marilyn Mosby and Det. Syreeta Teel, the lead detective in the department's internal investigation into Gray's death.
Williams emphasized the idea of civic duty throughout, calling jury duty "an honor" critical for "our society to flourish."
As the morning turned into afternoon, Williams was individually questioning potential jurors on their responses to the questions.
On Tuesday, another 75 jurors will be questioned.

Find live coverage of Tuesday's proceedings here.

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