What happened today?

» Judge Barry Williams acquitted Officer Edward Nero, one of six Baltimore police officers charged in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray, on all charges in his trial.


» In his ruling, Williams said there were "no credible facts" to show that Nero was directly involved in Gray's arrest, and said testimony showed Nero's role in putting Gray in the van was minimized by the actions of others and not unreasonable given his training.

» Nero leaned forward after the verdict was read and wiped his eyes. He hugged his attorneys. Marc Zayon and Allison Levine, the attorneys, said Nero and his family "are elated that this nightmare is finally over."

» Gray's twin sister, Fredericka, left the courthouse visibly upset and declined comment. Billy Murphy, the attorney for the Gray family, said prosecutors face an "enormous standard of proof" and commended Williams for "not bending to public opinion."

» Late Monday, Williams issued a new gag order prohibiting Nero and his lawyers from speaking out until all of the officers' cases are resolved.

» State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby did not attend the reading of the verdict, and a spokesperson did not respond to questions about her whereabouts, citing the gag order.

What was Officer Nero's case about?

Nero was not charged in Gray's death, but was accused of putting him into a dangerous situation. He was charged with second-degree assault and misconduct related to Gray's arrest, and reckless endangerment and a second count of misconduct stemming from the way Gray was loaded into the van.

The trial also involved allegations that Nero failed to care for Gray when he did not secure him with a seat belt in the back of the arrest van, where Gray ultimately suffered a fatal spine injury.

Gray had run from the officers in what they have described as a high-crime area. Gray, 25, suffered severe spinal cord injuries while in the back of the van, prosecutors say, and died a week later.

What's next? 

Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. goes on trial in early June. The trial is set to begin June 6. Following the Goodson trial, four more Baltimore police officers charged in Gray's arrest and death are set to go on trial by October. Goodson's trial is to be followed by those of Lt. Brian Rice (July 5), Officer Garrett Miller (July 27), Porter (Sept. 6) and Sgt. Alicia White (Oct. 13). All the officers have pleaded not guilty.