Officer Edward Nero trial: Day 3 recap

What happened on day 3?

» Baltimore police Officer Garrett Miller took the stand Monday as a prosecution witness in the trial of co-defendant Officer Edward Nero, testifying that he alone took Freddie Gray into custody after a chase.


» Prosecutors are pointing to statements both officers gave to investigators last year in which they described the arrest as a collective action. Miller also testified that he watched Nero load Gray into an arrest van, where Gray would eventually suffer a fatal spine injury.

» Never before in Maryland has a defendant been compelled to testify against a co-defendant with his or her own charges pending. Miller was granted immunity that prevents his statements or anything derived from them from being used at his trial, which is scheduled for July.

» The prosecution rested its case following Miller's testimony, wrapping up after calling 14 witnesses over 21/2 days. The first defense witness was called.

What is Officer Nero's case about?

Nero is not charged in Gray's death, but is accused of putting him into a dangerous situation. He is charged with second-degree assault and misconduct related to Gray's arrest, and reckless endangerment and a second count of misconduct stemming from the way Gray was loaded into the van.

The trial also involves allegations that Nero failed to care for Gray when he did not secure him with a seat belt in the back of the arrest van, where Gray ultimately suffered a fatal spine injury.

Gray had run from the officers in what they have described as a high-crime area. Gray, 25, suffered severe spinal cord injuries while in the back of the van, prosecutors say, and died a week later.

How can I follow the proceedings?

The Sun is hosting a live blog with updates throughout the proceedings. In Maryland, trials are not televised.