A Randallstown man has pleaded guilty in federal court to using a child's toy handgun, wrapping it in a sock and using it to rob a bank on the Eastern Shore of $5,000, according to the Maryland U.S. Attorney's Office.

Donald Tyrone Gross, 44, pleaded guity, as did his girlfriend of two weeks, Sherice Lacheryl Gunther, 32, whose son's gun was used in the holdup. Prosecutors said Gunther, who was sentenced to 91 days, scoped out the bank before the robbery. Authorities said she later called police and turned in her boyfriend.

According to Gunther's plea agreement, she and Gross drove to Cambridge on April 24, 2010, to visit relatives. Gross took the toy gun, prosecutors said,and his sister drove he and Gunther to Easton. They chose the PNC Bank branch on Marlboro Avenue.

The court documents say that on April 25, Gross wrapped the gun in a sock "to make it appear more realistic," and sent Gunther into the bank to get a layout. About 12:40 p.m., prosecutors said Gross handed a note to a teller that read, "Please do what I ask, I have nothing to lose. You have 10 seconds to give me $5,000 in $100's, $50s and $20s."

After about 10 seconds, prosecutors said, Gross aid, "Hurry up, you have only 10 seconds" and lifted his shirt to show what the teller believed to be gun in his waistband. She gave Gross $3,000 in $50s and $2,000 in 20s.

Authorities said Gross and Gunther drove to a motel and returned by taxi to Randallstown, where they were arrested