Husband with dementia pushes wife, causing fatal fall

There are plenty of tragedies and many are easy to comprehend, and deal with. In nost cases, killer are supposed to go to prison.

But what do you do with a 92-year-old man suffering from dementia who pushes his wife of 65 years, causing her to fall, break her hip and die. It's a homicide, authorities say, but not one that they're going to prosecute as a crime.

The case announced today in Baltimore County opens up a world of questions -- how was the couple cared for? Were they living alone? What do the relatives think? Should the husband be facing charges? Or left alone? Does he even know or understand what happened?

We have a reporter working on this story and we'll have more later both on line and in print. Here's what Baltimore County police are saying so far:

On March 12, police responded to a house in Catonsville where the 86-year-old woman said that she was trying to stop her husband from walking to a nearby church. He was not able to walk alone, she said, and she stood in front of him to stop him.

She said he "pushed her out of the way so that he could leave," police said in a statement. Police said in that in all the years of marriage, "there was no history of domestic violence" and that "the victim told officers that her husband did not intend to harm her and just wanted to go to church."

Police said the woman died March 15 at St. Agnes Hospital due to complications of a broken hip.


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