Disturbances reported at Inner Harbor, rowdy behavior in Canton over St. Patrick's Day

Canton Square after St. Patrick's Day
(Randolph Capone via Twitter)


Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, after revewing the video and the photos from Canton, said promised better police deployment next year: “There is no question the neighborhood was destroyed, and it shouldn’t have been. It looked like a garbage dump. Homeowners deserve better.”


St. Patrick's Day celebrations got a bit out of hand in several Baltimore neighborhoods, with police arresting 10 juveniles Saturday night in the Inner Harbor after a stabbing and at least one fight broke out downtown.

In Federal Hill, police said officers issued numerous citations for people urinating on the steps of homes, and in Canton the liquor board chairman complained that the square looked more like the Preakness Infield than a neighborhood centerpiece.

We're working on more details of what happened. Thus far, police say the Inner Harbor disturbances started shortly after 9 p.m. when youths from the east and west sides, drawn by social media postings, converged downtown.

Authorities said there was at least one fight and one young girl was stabbed -- police said by a student at her school -- in a separate incident. Police from three districts moved people out of the harbor, and in once cased used a Taser to subdue a youth, according to a department spokesman.

We'll have more details on what happened Saturday as they become available.

Meanwhile, the picture here shows Canton after St. Patrick's Day. It was taken by Dr. Randolph Capone, a plastic surgeon who lives in Canton. The liquor board chairman, Stephan Fogleman, re-tweeted the pic over the weekend and said there was a misunderstanding with police over whether people could openly drink in the square.

Police denied this and said officers were issuing citatiions but the crowds were unexpectedly large.