Dateline NBC's episode tonight will feature the story of Heidi Bernadzikowski, whose murder in 2000 went unsolved for years before a break in the case led to the arrests of three men.

"A young woman is found brutally murdered in her Baltimore home,"the show's website says in a promo of the episode. "Police find themselves stumped for over a decade -- until a DNA breakthrough leads to surprising suspects. Could two determined detectives crack the cold case?"

Bernadzikowski, 24, was found slain at the Dundalk home she shared with her boyfriend, Stephen Michael Cooke Jr. While Baltimore County police always suspected Cooke, they said they didn't have enough evidence to arrest him until 2014.

Cooke, 44, was convicted of first-degree murder in June by a Baltimore County jury. Prosecutors said he hired two men to kill Bernadzikowski for insurance money. He is set for sentencing Aug. 20.

The other two men -- Alexander C. Bennett and Grant A. Lewis -- have also been convicted in the case. The episode, titled "Indiscretion," airs at 10 p.m.