Stories, videos and more about the death of Jacquelyn Smith, which originally was blamed on a panhandler in East Baltimore.

“We’ve basically said all along that Ms. Smith’s role in this was greatly exaggerated initially by the state,” defense attorney Brandon Mead said.
Jacquelyn Smith's husband, Keith Smith, said she was fatally stabbed after she rolled down a car window to give money to a panhandler in East Baltimore. But Baltimore police said Sunday that Keith Smith and his stepdaughter had been arrested in Smith's death.
Attorneys for Keith and Valeria Smith said Thursday that prosecutors have provided little evidence connecting their clients to the fatal stabbing of Keith’s wife in December, which they claimed was done by a panhandler.
Sons of Jacquelyn Smith, who was slain in Baltimore, are asking the court to strip from her husband and alleged killer the control of her estate.
The rapid conclusion to a hushed but hurried police manhunt shocked the state and nation even more than the tragic tale Keith and Valeria Smith tearfully told in December about how Keith’s wife, Jacquelyn, had been stabbed to death through a car window after giving money to a panhandler
After wire-tapping Keith and Valeria Smith’s cell phones, peering into their Google search histories and outlining apparent inconsistencies in their stories about the night Keith’s wife Jacquelyn was fatally stabbed, Baltimore Police charged the couple on a growing pile of circumstantial evidence.
Here in Cameron County, “the front door to Mexico” as he calls it, they don’t often find themselves jailing alleged murderers – two from far away Baltimore, no less – and the sort who attract attention from around the country.
With all that's happened since Jacquelyn Smith was killed in December, it can be difficult to remember all the facts. Here's a timeline of events since her death in December.
Officials released these documents supporting charges against Jacquelyn Smith's husband and stepdaughter in the Harford County woman's December death.
Keith Smith asked his brother Vick Smith to "get rid of" Keith's wife, Jacquelyn Smith, and ultimately blamed her death on a Baltimore panhandler, Baltimore police charging documents allege.
Keith Smith benefited financially from his wife, Jacquelyn Smith, during her life — and had sought to be the executor of her estate, which he said was worthless. Now Keith Smith and daughter Valeria Smith stand accused of murdering Jacquelyn and concocting a story about a panhandler in Baltimore.
Even after her stepmother, Jacquelyn Smith, was brutally murdered in December, Valeria Smith never mentioned the killing to a potential investor she was courting to support her various business ventures. The 28-year-old woman even lied on social media about the investor becoming her partner.
Neighbors in the Holly Woods community near Aberdeen expressed shock that Keith Smith had been charged in his wife's death,
The husband and stepdaughter charged in the death of an Aberdeen woman who was fatally stabbed in Baltimore — which they initially said happened after she gave money to a panhandler — were arraigned in Texas on Monday, authorities said.
Saddled with bills back in 1999, Keith Smith put on a ski mask, grabbed a pellet gun and carried out a series of bank robberies in the suburbs.
The story of Jacquelyn Smith's killing was believable because people are conditioned to believe the worst about Baltimore.
The story of Jacquelyn Smith being killed after giving money to a panhandler in East Baltimore played created widespread, and unwarranted, hysteria about the threats posed by the homeless, officials said.
The widower and stepdaughter of a woman killed in an East Baltimore stabbing in December — an attack the man blamed on a panhandler his wife had just helped — have been arrested in her death. Baltimore police say they were trying to flee the U.S. and were arrested in Texas.
In a 16-minute homily to a gathering of more than 200 at St. Patrick Church in Providence, Rhode Island, the Rev. James T. Ruggieri said “some things don't make sense. They’re hard to fathom and understand.” The death of Aberdeen's Jacquelyn Smith is one of them.
Jacquelyn Smith was supposed to travel to California this week with family to attend her son’s graduation from an information technology program with the U.S. Coast Guard. Instead, the family will gather in Rhode Island Saturday for her funeral.
We have to be careful not to stigmatize the homeless after a woman was stabbed to death by a panhandler in East Baltimore.
The Harford County woman, who was fatally stabbed after helping a panhandler, will have a powerful legacy, her friends say
Baltimoreans condemn the city's violence at a vigil for Jacquelyn Smith, 54, who was fatally stabbed Saturday while giving money to a panhandler.
Baltimore police continue to ask for information that will lead to an arrest in the death of Jacquelyn Smith, who was stabbed by a man in her car after giving money to a panhandler.
Since the story of a woman who was fatally stabbed in Baltimore while helping a panhandler made national news this week, Morles and some of Baltimore’s other homeless citizens who panhandle say they have seen the number of motorists willing to lower their windows dive.
The fatal stabbing of a woman who had tried to help a panhandler begging for money to feed her baby is a setback for Johnston Square, an impoverished neighborhood that residents, nonprofits and small businesses have been trying to improve and redevelop.
Jacquelyn Smith was an engineer at Aberdeen Proving Ground. She was killed early Saturday after a man stabbed her through her car window.
Public and private services are planned for Jacquelyn Smith, the Harford County electrical engineer who was killed over the weekend after giving money to a woman panhandling in East Baltimore, her husband said Tuesday.
The story of a Harford County woman who was killed while trying to offer money to a panhandler in Baltimore has drawn national attention, including from celebrity media mogul Oprah Winfrey.
But for those who still believe in a better Baltimore after the stabbing death of Jacquelyn Smith, here are some ideas about donating and volunteering.
Police were still searching Monday for a man who stabbed an Aberdeen woman to death  early Saturday morning in Baltimore.