Bernstein keeps on amassing war chest for state's attorney election

With a month until the Democratic primary, Baltimore State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein has more than four times as much campaign cash available as his opponent, according to financial reports filed Tuesday.

Bernstein has raised $135,000 since January, maintaining a major lead over ex-prosecutor Marilyn Mosby who is challenging him at the polls in June. She raised $63,000 over the same period, according to the reports.


Bernstein now has $447,000 available to spend, while Mosby's bank balance sits at $106,000.

Bernstein has pulled in money from the city's major law firms, including $17,000 from lawyers who work at the offices of Peter Angelos, and other members of the city's elite including Ravens President Richard Cass and the Johns Hopkins University President Ronald Daniels.


Mosby, meanwhile, has the financial backing of former mayor and state's attorney Kurt Schmoke, who gave $1,000, and Bernstein's predecessor Patricia Jessamy. Former Rep. Kweisi Mfume also gave Mosby $500.

While the reports show that Mosby has spent tens of thousands of dollars on polling and consultants, Bernstein has made no major expenditures beyond paying a campaign staffer.

Defense attorney Russell Neverdon, who intends to run as an independent, had yet to file his campaign's finance report Tuesday evening.

The filings show how Bernstein has changed the nature of the race for state's attorney.

Jessamy, who held the job over a number of elections, never raised more than $130,000 and at a similar point before the last election in 2010 had just $38,000 on hand.

In that context, Mosby's numbers look impressive. But in 2010 Bernstein has raised $220,000 a month before the primary, a figure that he has more than doubled this time around.

Still, Bernstein only narrowly defeated Jessamy and Mosby has said believes she will still be able to win votes at the polls.