A look a the timeline of our coverage of the Baltimore Police racketeering case from the first day U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein announced the charges until the trial. (Kevin Richardson / Baltimore Sun video)

Find full coverage of the Baltimore Gun Trace Task Force trial from reporter Justin Fenton and the rest of the Baltimore Sun newsroom.

Despite corruption that has sometimes flourished in plainclothes squads, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison says they still have a place.
A former Baltimore police detective was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison Tuesday, the last officer to be sentenced in the Gun Trace Task Force case.
Timeline following the federal racketeering case of Baltimore's Gun Trace Task Force.
A former police officer in Philadelphia and Baltimore was sentenced to nine years in federal prison Friday afternoon for helping a member of the Gun Trace Task Force sell drugs taken off the street here.
Two years after federal prosecutors in the Gun Trace Task Force case took Keyon Paylor before a grand jury to testify against Det. Daniel Hersl, lawyers with the U.S. Attorney’s Office say they doubt his account and are fighting his effort to get his conviction overturned.
In 2014, a new Baltimore Police unit probing officers’ use of force began looking at an incident in Northeast Baltimore, in which Sgt. Wayne Jenkins had run down a man with his vehicle. At no point did they know that Sgt. Keith Gladstone had stopped by the scene — and allegedly planted a BB gun.
Retired Baltimore Police Sgt. Keith Gladstone has been indicted on federal civil rights and witness tampering charges related to a 2014 incident in which a BB gun was allegedly planted on a man.
A whistleblower within the Baltimore Police Department flagged investigators to corrupt members of the Gun Trace Task Force years ago — crucial information that later helped launch the federal racketeering case that took down an entire squad of crooked officers, new documents show.
A state commission investigating the Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force scandal will get secret records from the police department — but will have to sign an agreement to keep them from public view.
A former Baltimore and Philadelphia police officer entered a guilty plea in the midst of his trial on charges that he conspired to sell drugs with corrupt members of the Gun Trace Task Force.
A flurry of recent activity by federal authorities is suggesting there could be more fallout coming from the Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force case.
Convicted Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force Det. Momodu Gondo testified Tuesday that his stealing money started in 2008 as part of a “culture” of city plainclothes detectives building trust with each other.
A brief look at the Gun Trace Task Force scandal, and where former Philadelphia cop Eric Snell fits in.
Members of a state commission created to look into the Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force scandal convened their first meeting in Annapolis on Tuesday, with a state senator giving a sobering assessment of the state of the city to emphasize the importance of their work.
Police reform advocates pin hopes on Baltimore’s next police commissioner to resolve the “infighting” and “political turmoil” cited by recent high-level departures who described significant dysfunction within the department.
The seven-member panel is expected to hold public hearings on how the officers’ misconduct was able to flourish without accountability prior to federal racketeering indictments.
A prominent workers’ compensation attorney resigned Wednesday from a panel investigating the corrupt Gun Trace Task Force after revelations the attorney had represented three of the convicted detectives in injury claims.
Baltimore jurors have acquitted the suspect in the 2016 shooting death of a 31-year-old man who federal prosecutors have said was killed over a drug debt after being robbed by corrupt Baltimore Police officers.
Today will be the third public quarterly hearing with the judge enforcing the Baltimore Police consent decree that calls for widespread reforms.
The Baltimore public defender’s office says prosecutors have slowed their pace for undoing convictions related to the Gun Trace Task Force police scandal, but prosecutors say they are continuing to methodically review cases and are seeking to preserve “viable” convictions.
A former Philadelphia police officer is headed to trial in U.S. District Court in Maryland on charges that he sold drugs with members of the corrupt Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force.
Baltimore officials have released their initial findings and recommendations from a long-awaited audit of rampant police overtime spending. The city finance director says the review found the police department "lacks internal controls" to track regular hours and to make sure any OT is necessary.
Federal prosecutors and public defenders are asking a judge to release an admitted drug dealer serving a 24-year sentence because his case relied on testimony from two discredited members of the Baltimore Police Department’s corrupt Gun Trace Task Force.
Here’s a rundown of what we’ve learned from the trial of two police officers from the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force.
Convicted former Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force detective Daniel Hersl was sentenced Friday to 18 years in federal prison.
Former Gun Trace Task Force Sgt. Wayne Jenkins, perhaps the most corrupt officer uncovered in Baltimore Police Department history, was sentenced Thursday to 25 years in federal prison for his role in a stunning range of crimes. Former detective Marcus Taylor received 18 years in prison.
A convicted former Gun Trace Task Force member’s cooperation with the government “continues to this day,” his defense attorney wrote in a new filing, the latest indication that federal authorities continue to probe corruption within the Baltimore Police Department.
Thomas Allers, 49, was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison on Friday after he pleaded guilty to nine robberies carried out while on duty between 2014 and 2016.
A federal jury has convicted two Baltimore Police detectives for their roles in one of the biggest police corruption scandals in recent memory.
Local leaders, activists and organizations react to the Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force case verdict.
Two Baltimore detectives were found guilty Monday of taking part in a racketeering conspiracy. Next, a judge will decide their punishments.
With the federal prosecution of the Gun Trace Task Force in Baltimore concluding, an obvious question remains: What is being done to prevent more police corruption in the future? The answer is a lot, though the efficacy of the efforts is still to be seen.
Sun reporters Justin Fenton and Jean Marbella on the guilty verdicts in the Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force Trial.
State lawmakers are weighing what, if anything, they should do to address police corruption alleged during the Gun Trace Task Force trial.
Baltimore’s newest police officers begin street training this week, their first assignments after a graduation ceremony in which they were implored to serve the city “with dignity and honor.”
Jurors are deliberating in the case against two Baltimore Police detectives charged with taking part in a conspiracy in which they robbed citizens for years behind the cover of their badges.
Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh released a statement after midnight Thursday to clarify that she is “well aware” of the corruption trial involving her city’s police department, expanding upon comments she made during a news briefing Wednesday morning.
Closing arguments are scheduled to begin after 11 a.m. in the Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force trial in U.S. District Court.
Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh said she has not had time to closely follow testimony in the trial of two police officers that has raised questions about how widespread corruption has spread through the department.
Baltimore Police Detective James Kostoplis was new to the Gun Trace Task Force when his sergeant, Wayne Jenkins, took him for a ride and asked what he thought about stealing taking money from drug dealers. It was a test.
At least a dozen other Baltimore police officers and an assistant state’s attorney also participated in crimes or helped cover them up as they floated in and out of the Gun Trace Task Force unit's orbit, according to GTTF members' testimony and comments from federal prosecutors in the ongoing case.
A convicted Baltimore Police detective testified Monday in the Gun Trace Task Force trial that he used to steal money with Det. Sean Suiter, the city homicide detective whose fatal shooting in November — one day before he was to testify before a federal grand jury in the case — remains unsolved.
Deputy Baltimore Police Commissioner Dean Palmere is retiring, he said Monday, the same day as testimony in the Gun Trace Task Force trial alleging he coached an officer on what to say to avoid punishment after a 2009 shooting. Palmere denied the allegation, and said his retirement is unrelated.
The unsolved homicide of a Baltimore Police homicide detective in our long season of dreadful developments.
Baltimore police Detective Sean Suiter died after being shot while on duty in November — one day before he was set to testify before a federal grand jury in the corruption case involving the department’s Gun Trace Task Force.
Sun reporter Justin Fenton is interviewed about his coverage of the corruption trial of two Baltimore police officers.
A Baltimore County bail bondsman testified Thursday that he partnered for years with the supervisor of the Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force to resell drugs the officer had taken off the street.
A parade of drug dealers have taken the stand to testify against officers in the Gun Trace Task Force trial
The FBI had a recording device inside a Baltimore Police vehicle when members of the Gun Trace Task Force fled the scene of a crash prompted by a high-speed chase, then discussed falsifying paperwork to cover their tracks
Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force detectives Jemell Rayam and Momodu Gondo have admitted to committing an armed home invasion along with a drug dealing crew.
A second former Baltimore Police officer took the stand Monday at the federal racketeering trial of two fellow officers, detailing widespread overtime pay abuse and saying his supervisor told him to carry a BB gun to plant on people.
The chair of the Baltimore City Council’s public safety committee, a close ally of new Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa, on Friday called for the removal of the police department’s internal affairs chief after claims made during the ongoing federal trial of a corrupt gun unit.
Former Det. Maurice Ward will be cross-examined after his explosive testimony Tuesday outlining various crimes and misconduct as a member of the Baltimore Police Department's Gun Trace Task Force.
Detective Maurice Ward, one of the Gun Trace Task Force officers who has pleaded guilty to his role in a racketeering conspiracy, took the stand Tuesday on the first day of trial for two of his co-defendants and laid out a wide array of astonishing corruption he said the officers took part in.
The trial of two former members of the Baltimore Police Department's elite Gun Trace Task Force got underway Tuesday with opening statements.
Two Baltimore Police officers charged in perhaps the biggest corruption scandal in the agency’s history go on trial Monday in U.S. District Court, The Gun Trace Task Force trial is likely to add new details — and raise new questions.