Bark! unleashes eco-friendly pet products with new Catonsville location

Nutritional studies and an increase in consumer knowledge have put the benefits of organic and all-natural foods in the national spotlight. If simpler ingredients are proven to be healthier for humans, should we consider the same standards for our pets? Bark! Pawsitive Pet Food thinks so.

What makes Bark! remarkable is its dedication to humane, eco-friendly sourcing for products, whether it’s organic food and treats (all made by American brands) or beds, leashes and toys crafted from recycled materials. The majority of the store’s stock is canine-focused, but it also carries a selection of merchandise for cats and smaller animals.

The first Bark! location opened in Clarksville in 2005. Less than a decade later, the local retail chain has expanded to seven stores throughout Maryland, the newest of which opened in Catonsville on April 1.

The location on Frederick Road is right in the heart of town. “We were looking for the right place in Catonsville for some time,” says Rachel Smith, director of operations for Bark! “Our facilities manager … found this great place right in front of the Frederick Road [Veterinary] Hospital, and it had this wonderful storefront. We just knew that it would be perfect for us,” she says.

But Bark! isn’t stopping there — an eighth store is scheduled to open in Annapolis this fall. On weekends, each location hosts events like product demonstrations and adoption days.

“We try to work really closely with local rescues, most of which are based out of Baltimore County and Montgomery County,” Smith says. “It’s just those extra steps that I think make Bark! a little bit different than your average pet food store.”

Bark! Pawsitive Pet Food
816 Frederick Road, Catonsville

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