Throwback Thursday: The top 10 songs this week in 1982

A very 1980s duet tops other soon-to-be classic tunes in this rundown via Billboard's Hot 100 chart archives.

10. "Did It In a Minute," Hall & Oates

A somewhat minor hit in the excellent Hall & Oates 1980s songs pantheon.

9. "The Other Woman," Ray Parker Jr.

A pre-"Ghostbusters" Parker! Yes, that form of Parker existed.

8. "Freeze-frame," the J. Geils Band

The J. Geils Band reached a high point around this time. "Freeze-frame," which eventually hit No. 4 on the Hot 100 chart, was the follow-up to the band's No. 1 hit "Centerfold."

7. "'65 Love Affair," Paul Davis

Ah, '60s nostalgia was beginning! P.S.: Davis was 17 in 1965.

6. "I've Never Been to Me," Charlene

I suppose there's some sort of good message here about security and self-fulfillment, but this is also, let's face it, a tad ridiculous. Exhibit A and B: What preacher man are you making love with in the sun? Exactly how many kings are undressing you? Fun fact: This was written by two men, which somewhat adds to the overall confusion.

5. "567-5309/Jenny," Tommy Tutone

A great song, but lead singer Tommy Heath has said that the number is a real one that belonged to someone he knew. So, when thinking about it, it's a pretty jerk move.

4. "I Love Rock 'N Roll," Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Still cool after all these years.

3. "Don't Talk to Strangers," Rick Springfield

Springfield was worried that his girlfriend would cheat on him, as though that would happen to Rick Springfield in 1982.

2. "Chariots of Fire — Titles," Vangelis

AKA: that song that planned at the beginning of the film of the same name. Run, British people, run!

1. "Ebony and Ivory," Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder

Despite its very evident cheese factor, this one was No. 1 for seven weeks. Seven super cheesy weeks.

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