Throwback Thursday: The top 10 songs this week in 1993 [Videos]

A little something for everyone here. March 1993 offered some, well, interesting variety.

10. 'Bed of Roses,' Bon Jovi

As far as power ballads go this one's a tad creepy. Example lyric: "I wanna be just as close as your Holy Ghost is / And lay you down on a bed of roses." All right then, Jon.

9. 'Don't Walk Away,' Jade

Note to self: change outgoing cell phone voicemail message.

8. 'Mr. Wendal,' Arrested Development

Your very friendly reminder that a song about homelessness burned up the charts in '93.

7. 'I Will Always Love You,' Whitney Houston

Goosebumps. Still.

6. 'Freak Me,' Silk

Slightly less goosebumps-enducing.

5. 'I'm Every Woman,' Whitney Houston

Yup, Whitney owned 1993. Personal side note: My 6th grade gym teacher used to make us run around the indoor track to the "Bodyguard" soundtrack. Yes, including this song.

4. 'Ordinary World,' Duran Duran

Early 1990s Duran Duran revival > early 2000s Duran Duran revival

3. 'Nuthin But a 'G' Thang,' Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg

Yes, this is the "clean version." For the record, I don't believe in music censorship. But, you know, NSFW and all that.

2. 'A Whole New World,' Peabo Bryson, Regina Belle

See what I mean by "interesting variety"? We have the theme to a Disney movie ("Aladdin," of course) right above "Nuthin But a 'G' Thang." Gotta love the '90s.

1. 'Informer,' Snow

... And you have this song above "A Whole New World." And, yes, we don't know exactly everything he's saying either.


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