The case of the missing lovers' lock

A plea posted on Facebook over the weekend by a North Carolina woman has drawn locks of attention and within 48 hours, a resolution from Ocean City officials.

Lauren Burr said that when she and her husband were dating in 2008, they visited Ocean City's boardwalk and sealed their love with a lock placed on a post near a bench at Dorchester Street. The couple later married and started a family. Before their daughter Claire was born, they visited Ocean City and added a second smaller lock to the original one in her honor, carving a 'C' into the metal. That was in 2012.

Since then, friends who visit Ocean City look for their locks and send them pictures. Recently, a friend sent Burr a photo of a blank space, showing that the locks were missing, along with other benches and posts near the Candy Kitchen, where a renovation is underway.

One of the people who responded to her story was Ocean City council member Doug Cymek, who said he would investigate.

"I went down to DPW this morning and learned through one of the supervisors that the columns are apparently locked up in a secured storage area and hopefully with the locks attached," Cymek wrote. "I will have some check in the morning and let you know. I gave them a copy of the picture with your baby and the locks so they knew what I was looking for. I will let you know!"

By early Tuesday, Cymek had contacted the City Engineer and the Public Works Department on Burr's behalf and located the columns with the locks, which are being held in storage.

"We know our visitors have a special place in their heart for Ocean City and something that we might think is so small, is clearly a huge part of someone else's memories of the beach," Cymek said. "With a little bit of help from our staff, we are hoping to restore the locks and hang them back on Dorchester Street for the Burr family to enjoy for many years to come."

--Michelle Deal Zimmerman

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