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50 Years Ago

Let's park and have lunch

"Helicopter Parks in Don's Backyard

 "Don Flax, of Wilflax Motors on Route 40, was startled Thursday to see a helicopter hovering overhead, circle around and land in his parking lot.

"Ideas of an emergency, invasion, or an early visit from Santa clause were dispelled when several men descended, identified themselves as a survey team and asked, 'May we leave our helicopter here while we go to lunch?'

"And the auto parking problem isn't even solved yet!"

"Cub Scouts to Carol:

 Cub Pack 371 of Ellicott City will sing Christmas Carols on Monday, December 23, from 7-9 p.m. in Allview Estates."

From an article regarding mailing greeting cards: "If you'll send all your Christmas cards by First Class mail, using the new five cent Christmas Tree stamps, and include your name and address on the envelopes, you'll help your friends to keep their mailing lists up-to-date. Further, you are assured that any cards that cannot be delivered will be returned to you for corrected addresses."

December 1927

No guns or dogs

Special notices in the Times:

"Notice: All persons are warned not to trespass in any manner or to hunt with Dog or Gun on the farm of the undersigned. H. L. THOMAS. Notice: Positively No Hunting allowed with dog or gun on Meadowbrook farm. Trespassers will be prosecuted to full extent of the law. HOWARD MANN, Owner. Notice: No Hunting with Dog or Gun allowed on my premises. ELI CLAGETT. Owner."

And from the largest notice: "Positively NO HUNTING ALLOWED on Doughoregan Manor, or Benedict Farm At Elioak. All trespassers will be prosecuted to full extent of the law. PHILIP A. CARROLL, Owner."

December 1889

Handsome toilets

"Affairs About Savage

"There will be a grand ball held in the Savage Hall on Christmas Eve. The Savage Orchestra will furnish music for the occasion."

From the Howard Happenings column:

"Woodstock, Dec. 12 — One of the most enjoyable events of the season was the hop held in new Lyceum Hall, Woodstock, Wednesday evening. ... The Hall was tasteful trimmed and lighted. Nothing was left undone by the chaperones and the committee. A large and fashionable audience filled the hall at an early hour. The handsome toilets of the ladies in evening dress added greatly to the brilliancy of the scene.

"Those present were Mrs. Parlett, Mrs. Edward A. Benzinger, chaperones; Misses Mattie Waters, Sadie Blunt, Annie blunt, Florence Hunt, Lillie Brown, Kate Worthington, Delia Offut, Birdie Nelson, Frank Brown, W. B. Bennett, Edward Benzinger, Bruce Duer, Frank Parlett, Dr. C. W. and S. L. Heffenger, D. Donovan, Dr. Bussy, Richard Davis S. Blunt and many others.

"The program included twenty-four dances, the promenade beginning at 8:30 o'clock.

"Lyceum Hall, near Woodstock, presented an appearance of unusual brilliancy at the occasion of entertainment given to the patrons and friends of Woodstock primary school by the accomplished teacher, Miss Lily Brown. The pupils displayed careful training and considerable talent and greatly delighted a large and interested audience. The following portion of the programme merits especial mention: 'The Wreck of the Hesperus,' by Miss G. Brown; 'The Little One's Speech,' Elsie Cavey; 'Small Dress-making,' Ethel Cavey."

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