10 things to know about Michael Phelps' new girlfriend

Yes, Michael Phelps has a new love interest.

Phelps, 28, stepped out with date Win McMurry, also 28, at Wednesday's ESPY Awards, and we're naturally curious about here. We're assuming you are, too.The pair has reportedly been dating since June.

1. She works for the Golf Channel
Confession: We've never watched the Gold Channel. But we may now. McMurry is a reporter for the channel, which airs Phelps' show "The Haney Project."

2. She has some beauty accolades
Shock. McMurry was crowned "Miss Fantasy Challenge" (best title ever) and is considered the channel's Fantasy Golf Expert. What's that? Fantasy golf is a thing? Yes, it is. Sports Illustrated also dubbed her golf's "No. 1 Beauty."

3. She knows a good pun when she sees it
Among her other credits: Hosting the travel-based web

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