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History matters

100 Years Ago

Watches and Watchter

From the Laurel social column:

"Mrs. Mayor George W. Waters, Jr. visited relatives in Baltimore during the past week.

"Dr. Millard M. Wachter of Long Island, Kansas, a brother of Mr. J. W. Wachter , manager of the Laurel Furniture Company, died in Baltimore on last Thursday. Dr. Wachter was born in Frederick county in 1853 and spent his boyhood days in Frederick, where his parents moved while he was yet quite young. On obtaining his majority he went to Baltimore and obtained employment with the firm of E.L. Parker and Company.

"Watch night services were held at the churches here on Tuesday evening when large congregations gathered and awaited the arrival of the New Year. All churches were well represented."

75 Years Ago

Turn of fate?

From the County News In Brief column:

"Four Escape Injury When Car Overturns

"Mr. and Mrs. Charles Willima and Misses Ethel M. Barnes and Ruth Pickett narrowly escaped serious injury last Tuesday evening when a car in which they were riding skidded on the frozen road and turned over near Sykesville.

The party was returning from Baltimore and after help arrived they were able to right their car and return home. Although none of the occupants were injured they all received a bad shaking up."

Fate allowed the travelers to survive that accident and I wonder about the age of the "Misses" in the car. Perhaps the two women would go on to have families that owe their very existence to the travelers' survival on that cold night in 1938. And perhaps their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are living in the area today.

50 Years Ago

The other shoe

From the Teens and the Times column by Jeffrey Scott Simmons:

"I have decided to name this week 'Teens and the Times Culture Week.' Now understand that by culture I am referring to books, record and movies."

Simmons goes on to recommend Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead." He also recommends "Stephen Morris" by Neville Shute and the movie "The Music Man."

"The play 'Music Man' was, when it first hit Broadway, a smash hit. Now, anyone can see it for less than half price of a legitimate theatre ticket. "Music Man," the movie was recently showing at the Edmondson Village drive-in theater."

Simmons' record recommendation was Vaughn Meader's "The Other Family."

"This is a parody on the first in that it deals with Nikita Khrushchev and his family in the same light that the first deals with our president," Simmons wrote. The "first" was reference to Meader's record, "The First Family," a satire on President Kennedy and his family.

Khrushchev, was the premier of the USSRfrom 1958 to 1964 and was certainly a character. He was in charge when several major events occurred — the U2, Gary Powers shoot down, the Bay of Pigs in Cuba, the ballistic missile build up and the erection of the Berlin Wall, just to name a few.

But Khrushchev is also remembered for his shoe, that is, the episode when he took off his shoe and banged it on the table at a debate in New York City.

Khrushchev's anger was caused not by an utterance from an American, but a Filipino delegate. The delegate said that the Soviets were hypocrites because while they spoke against colonialism, the Soviet government had taken over most Eastern European nations, ignoring those nations' sovereignty and forcing them into the communist fold.

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