Batman streaker strikes at Sunday's Ravens game

Baltimore police arrested Mark Harvey, 26, of Severn at Sunday's Ravens game after he jumped onto the field.

Sunday's Ravens game at M&T; Bank Stadium was briefly interrupted when a semi-nude man leaped onto the field dressed in tight Batman shorts and a cape.

Mark Harvey, a 26-year-old truck driver from Severn, is no newbie when it comes to streaking: He made a similar sally onto the field at Camden Yards on the Orioles' Opening Day in April.

Harvey made his move two minutes before the end of the second quarter, according to a police report.

A video shot by Harvey's friends and posted to YouTube shows him jumping onto the field before heading to midfield and dancing around like a crab, then blowing kisses to the crowd.

As Harvey eluded security and police, a man can be heard saying, "I've never seen it go on this long. This is great."

Aerial footage of the game shows red-jacketed security guards chasing Harvey, who dashed to the 10-yard line before being tackled by the guards and handcuffed and led off the field by police officers.

The stunt caused the game to be delayed, according to the police report.

In an interview, Harvey said he made his second run to raise awareness for a good cause. "We decided to bring Batman back for the cause of stop bullying," he said.

He had the words "Don't be a bully, be a superhero" painted across his chest during the run.

After his run at Camden Yards, Harvey escaped charges after a miscommunication by the Baltimore City state's attorney's office, The Baltimore Sun reported at the time. He was not so lucky this time. Online court records show that Harvey was charged Monday with trespass, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

The state's attorney's office declined to comment on a continuing case.

Reached by phone Monday afternoon, Harvey said he had just returned home after spending a sleepless night in jail.

"I'm beat right now," he said.

Harvey was banned from Camden Yards, and after a string of incidents of people running onto the field, the Orioles beefed up security. Zachary Gregoricus, who ran onto the field and slid into second base, was fined $500 in May. Christopher Fatkin, who was tackled by an umpire after eluding security, was also fined $500 in June.

Harvey runs a website that sells anti-bullying T-shirts, wristbands and stickers. The site was set up last week, according to registration records.

"Kids are dying because kids are picking on kids. I know a couple of people whose kids are getting bullied," he said. "I thought, 'I can make a difference.' "

Ravens spokesman Patrick Gleason said in an email, "This created a dangerous situation, and we will prosecute to the fullest."

Harvey's options of where to watch live sports in Baltimore are rapidly diminishing. Gleason said he will not be welcome back at Ravens games.

Harvey said he has no plans for targeting another sport but would make an attempt at basketball if Baltimore had a team.

The sports website Deadspin, which has followed Harvey's career closely, had a more daunting suggestion: ice hockey.