Perry Hall High shooting victim heads home from hospital

Daniel Borowy, the 17-year-old student shot in the cafeteria of Perry Hall High School on the first day of school, was discharged from the hospital Monday afternoon after two weeks recovering there, according to hospital officials and the family's pastor.

"Everybody was very happy and relieved to see that he had gotten to a point that he could go home," Cindy Rivers, a Maryland Shock Trauma Center spokeswoman, said of how Borowy's medical team responded to his departure, which occurred between 5:30 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Borowy's mother and father, sister and two brothers were at the hospital to bring him home, Rivers said.

"They were all in very, very good spirits," Rivers said. "They were hoping to be home in time to watch the Ravens game tonight."

Borowy, a special education student who has Down syndrome, had remained in critical condition at Shock Trauma for days following his Aug. 27 shooting. His injuries included a bruised lung, broken rib and hole in his torso, and he had to undergo multiple surgeries.

Another student, 15-year-old Robert Gladden, has been charged in the shooting.

The family's pastor, Dominic Correlli of the Perry Hall Family Worship Center, said days after the shooting that Borowy was groggy, unable to speak and hooked up to medical equipment.

But in recent days, Correlli said, he has marveled — along with doctors — at how Borowy's recovery had quickened.

"At the very beginning, [doctors] were saying he was going to be there a while," Correlli said Monday. "But I believe we truly witnessed a miracle, to be honest with you, and he just started progressing well, better than the doctors anticipated."

Correlli said Milton Borowy, Daniel's father, had told him in a text message that Daniel was "excited to get home."

Milton Borowy had told his parish congregation Sept. 2, that his son was "pretty darn close to the road to recovery."

Borowy's family could not be reached for comment Monday.

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