These kids are all fight

Depending on your maturity level, NASCAR's "boys, have at it" laissez-faire attitude is spectacular or the most idiotic form of reality TV on the planet.

The second notion may be a reach, as long as the mutants from "Jersey Shore" inhabit the earth, but NASCAR seems to have taken its business to an art form in terms of immaturity.

Please call the Kindergarten Cops.

Somebody just got his hair pulled.

That's right. We had another royal rumble last weekend, fresh on the heels of the Boris Said-Greg Biffle sparring session at Watkins Glen, where Said called Biffle a "scaredy-cat" and asked fans to text him Biffle's address so he could beat him up.

Now this: Jerry Baxter, the crew chief for Patrick Carpentier, pulled the hair of Steven Wallace after Saturday's Nationwide Series race in Montreal.

"I'm sorry for what happened after the race on Saturday, and I take responsibility for my own actions," Baxter said in an apology issued Monday by Pastrana Waltrip Racing. "I was just very frustrated and let my emotions get to me.

"That was Patrick's last race, and we wanted to make it special. We really thought he had a shot for the win, and everything boiled over when that chance went away in the wreck. Everyone was just racing hard, and there was no intent to wreck anyone. There's no excuse for what I did after the race, and I apologize to everyone."

Wallace, son of ESPN commentator Rusty Wallace, collided with Carpentier late in the race, dropping Carpentier to a 32nd-place finish.

"Only girls pull hair," Wallace said in a TV interview.

I'm loving the sound bites, although I don't know if they top the standard set by Said and Biffle the previous weekend.

Check out Biffle's response to Said's threat: "Let's get real. This isn't fifth grade. I'll meet you after school behind the merry-go-round ... and we're going to fight."

Biffle's "merry-go-round" comment promoted this retort from radio host Jim Rome: "What school did you go to, Biffle? Carny school?"

Seriously, this is either classic "Family Feud" material or the most immature bunch of brats on the planet who happen to have keys to fast cars.

Baxter did get fined $5,000 and was placed on probation until Dec. 31, but that's essentially a wrist slap. Imagine the fines and repercussions if this were any other sport. In the NBA or NFL, they would have been slapped with a big suspension and probably ordered to kiss the rings of Messrs. Stern and Goodell.

But in NASCAR, it's great for business. This is starting to have an old-school feel to it, like when Bobby Allison, Donnie Allison and Cale Yarborough went at it after the wild finish to the 1979 Daytona 500.

Name-calling. Hair-pulling. Patty-cake punches. Threats of giving somebody a black eye.

Paging all Kindergarten Cops.

Your presence is needed in the pits.

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