Natty Boh and Utz Girl to tie the knot

Seemed like it was all over for the Utz Girl and Natty Boh, when the 13-foot neon gal who’d long urged Baltimoreans to “Snack On” decided to move on.

With a billboard contract up in January 2009, Utz brought the doll-faced gal back to snack-company headquarters in Hanover, Pa.

Smyth Jewelers billboards continued to portray them as a lovey-dovey pair, with the beer pitchman on bended knee before Miss Utz. But could they really make it as a long-distance romance?


Apparently so. Mr. Boh and Miss Utz are to be married at noon Saturday in a public ceremony at Power Plant Live! The event has been organized by MGH, the ad firm that created the Smyth billboard in 2007 and is about to launch a related TV commercial.

It will be a commuter marriage.

“I don’t think her sign’s coming back,” said Kathleen Shaffer of MGH.