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Terps lacrosse resurgence

When I began covering college women's lacrosse, Maryland owned the sport. The Terrapins were in the process of winning seven straight NCAA championships and I watched them win the last five, including a thrilling 14-13 overtime win against Georgetown in 2001. After that, the Terps fell off the pace.

The sport grew and the talent pool spread all around the country. A new power rose at Northwestern and soon threatened to surpass the Terps' title streak. But in May, the Terps made sure that wouldn't happen.

Northwestern had won five straight titles and appeared ready to make it six by taking a 6-0 lead in May's NCAA finale. The Terps then staged a comeback performance every bit as thrilling as the one in 2001 to win 13-11. More programs may share in the wealth of talent now, but Maryland seems to have plenty once again -- and most of it comes back in the spring aiming to build a new title streak in College Park.

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