Comcast: Internet service restored after regional outage

Officials at Comcast Sunday night said they did not know what caused disruptions in its Internet service to homes and businesses across the region and as far away as Boston but that service had been restored.

Comcast spokesman Bob Grove apologized to those affected by the outage and said additional staff were brought in to fix the problem. "Only Internet service has been affected, there are no video or phone issues," he said. Grove said service was restored to users in the 11 p.m. hour.

Users of the micro-blogging site Twitter from as far away as Boston told The Sun that their service was out. Users said problems started about 8 p.m.

Grove confirmed that the outages were experienced in the Boston area as well, and said that Comcast was "still gathering information" as to what caused the outages. He said he did not know how many homes were affected.

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