Hurdle next Pirates skipper

The Pirates have hired Clint Hurdle as their new manager, reported Sunday. The Pirates will announce the hiring Monday.

Hurdle spent 2010 as the hitting coach for the Rangers, who led the majors in batting average, were fifth in runs scored and advanced to the World Series.

The Pirates fired John Russell after three last-place finishes in three years. Pittsburgh has not enjoyed a winning season since 1992 and lost 105 games last season, the most for the franchise since 1952.

Giants outfielder Jose Guillen allegedly made plans to acquire close to 50 pre-loaded syringes of HGH that would be sent to his San Francisco address in September, according to the New York Daily News. Citing a source close to the investigation, the paper reported that Drug Enforcement Administration agents intercepted a package that was sent from the suspected supplier to Guillen's wife.

Terry Collins has emerged as the favorite to become Mets manager, an organization source told

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