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Chris Dufresne's rankings

A new restaurant opened in Boise, Idaho, this week: TGIS (Thank God It's Saturday). Last Tuesday's 29-point home victory over Louisiana Tech was lost in the work week and maybe caused the Broncos to fall from third to fourth behind Texas Christian in the BCS standings. Boise State is back to work on a football Saturday with a huge home game against resurgent Hawaii (7-2), unranked but mysteriously sitting at No. 26 in all three major polls. You tell me — a conspiracy to keep Boise from a victory over a ranked opponent? That's our working theory.

1. Boise State 7-0 (1): Entered title race on a Monday (Labor Day) and might have bowed out on a Tuesday.

2. Oregon 8-0 (2): Reunion for last undefeated team, 1916, canceled for lack of RSVP.

3. Texas Christian 9-0 (3): Grandma says if you join the Big East don't forget to bring a sweater.

4. Auburn 9-0 (5): This week's opponent arrives at Platform A on the 6:43 from Chattanooga.

5. Utah 8-0 (4): Best chance to make Rose Bowl might be year before it joins Pac 12.

6. Alabama 7-1 (6): Claims it could beat Boise/TCU (but not Utah) with one Crimson hand Tide behind its back.

7. Stanford 7-1 (7): What's your deal, BCS? Why No. 13 when only loss is at No. 1?

8. Arizona 7-1 (8): Wildcats said UCLA players tried really hard and acted like perfect gentlemen.

9. Wisconsin 7-1 (11): Badgers needed off week in advance of … wait, never mind, it's Purdue.

10. Ohio State 8-1 (12): Lost schedule strength contests this week to 84 teams in Sagarin Ratings.

11. Nebraska 7-1 (14): CSI Omaha called in to do forensics on inexplicable home loss to Texas.

12. Missouri 7-1 (10): Missouri would have loved some company after first quarter at Nebraska.

13. Oklahoma 7-1 (13): Has been No. 1 in BCS a total of 20 weeks, but thankfully not this week.

14. Iowa 6-2 (17): Four wins gets you to Rose Bowl and four losses gets you to 6-6.

15. Louisiana State 7-1 (15): Les Miles says he's happy with the game mismanagement plan for Alabama.

16. Michigan State 8-1 (9): That's a hoot: coach reinstates CB Chris Rucker and team plays like blowfish.

17. South Carolina 6-2 (18): Hosting Arkansas for homecoming is like … (fill in own joke).

18. Arkansas 6-2 (19): Must focus on South Carolina and not look ahead to Texas-El Paso.

19. Virginia Tech 6-2 (20): Was all alone after James Madison; now all alone atop ACC Coastal.

20. Mississippi State 7-2 (21): Next week's trip to Alabama could be for all the chips.

21. Oklahoma State 7-1 (22): Bracing for Baylor at home this week before the "gimme" at Texas.

22. Nevada 7-1 (23): School has decided to stay in the WAC through the end of this weekend.

23. Baylor 7-2 (25): Became only the third team this season to beat Texas in Austin.

24. Florida State 6-2 (16): Could author Bobby Bowden have re-written ending to North Carolina State game?

25. Hawaii 7-2 (NR): Best bet is to catch late games from Honolulu next day on Hulu.

Dropped out: USC (24).

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