Tour champion tested positive

Federal grand jurors in Los Angeles resumed their weekly meeting Wednesday, hearing testimony about drug use in cycling, when reports emerged that Tour de France champion Alberto Contador had scheduled a news conference Thursday to address a positive test he submitted for the banned stimulant clenbuterol during this year's Tour.

The International Cycling Union later said that while only a "very small concentration" of clenbuteral was found in Contador's urine, he still had been suspended.

As he left the grand jury room, Food and Drug Administration investigator Jeff Novitzky raised his eyebrows when told of the Contador reports, but he declined to comment when asked if such news reveals the importance of his probe that also has seven-time Tour champ Lance Armstrong in its crosshairs.

According to a statement obtained by Cycling News and VeloNews, Contador is clearly poised to appeal and will begin presenting his side in his hometown of Pinto, Spain.

—Tribune Newspapers

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