#HopkinsShooting Twitter updates

(Updated at 2:49 p.m.)

annmariebrok: My emotions are everywhere after being apart from Twitter for two hours &now; to read all at once the updates on #hopkinsshooting. How sad.

Juliemore: @MayorSRB, police, fire, emergency managment and @JohnsHopkins officials in private debriefing right now, spokesman says. #hopkinsshooting

michaelmhughes: #hopkinsshooting confirmed murder/suicide by WBAL reporter on scene.

MikeMSchwartz: Great coverage by @baltimoresun and @pinkgrammar on #hopkinsshooting

YasminTadjdeh: All the twitter coverage on the Hopkins shooting is insane, I keep seeing conflicting tweets. #hopkinsshooting

cfhannie: RT @bethjamie http://twitpic.com/2p0umu - Mayor thanking SWAT team for a job well done. #hopkinsshooting


BaltimorePolice: UPDATE on Hopkins shooting. Situation ended. Suspect not shot by police. Possible murder suicide. Detectives debriefing individuals

michaelmhughes: #hopkinsshooting Lots of confusion, but tweet came from Balt. Police directly.

MargoWrites: Why do hostage situations always end in suicide? Man shoots doc b/c of mother then shoots mother?! No sense; skeptical. #hopkinsshooting

michaelmhughes: #hopkinsshooting Balt. Police tweet said possible murder/homicide, not shot by police. Shooter allegedly shot mother and himself.

cenelson08: I see @nbcwashington sent Aaron Gilchrist to cover the #hopkinsshooting, watching his report on @msnbc_tv right now


justin_fenton: I'm told suspect shot himself and his mother. Police did not shoot him

baltimoresun: Reporter Erica L. Green says that the #HopkinsShooting standoff is over. The police have shot the shooter.

Deaners82: @baltimoresun thank you for your great coverage of the Hopkins shooting. #HopkinsShooting

ragibhasan: The @JohnsHopkins doctor who was shot, had surgery and is expected to be ok, as reported in WBAL. #Hopkinsshooting

YahooNews: UPDATE: Gunman at Johns Hopkins Hospital has been shot & killed, according to #Baltimore police: http://yhoo.it/cFWajb #HopkinsShooting

Juliemore: RT @molleeewrites: TEXT FROM SECURITY: Shooter event has ended. Nelson 8 remains not accessible. #hopkinsshooting #johnshopkins

ThatsSo_L: Yet another time where I'd smoke...if I were a smoker #hopkinsshooting

justin_fenton: RT @baltimoresun: According to (police spokesman) Guglielmi the shooter is dead. #hopkinsshooting

luv4elcaminos: #HopkinsShooting bares an uncanny resemblance to last season's finale of Greys Anatomy. Glad this situation wasn't as bloody!


HopkinsMedNews: The shooter has been contained in the hospital but is not in custody at this time. #Hopkinsshooting

ragibhasan: According to the police spokesman, the doctor - a faculty at @JohnsHopkins - was shot in the abdomen by the shooter #HopkinsShooting

patricksmith04: @WJZnews saying "abdominal injury" for the doctor shot. #hopkinsshooting

BaltimoreBrew: swat car arrived #HopkinsShooting

michaelmhughes: #hopkinsshooting SWAT team leaving, shaking hands. Must be over.

UrbanSandbox: Johns Hopkins ER operational. #hopkinsshooting

bbjonline: City dispatch say they have received reports of shooting suspect harassing people inside the Nelson building. #hopkinsshooting

neferkatie: This city is frightening. RT @justin_fenton: BPD confirms a doctor has been shot at Hopkins, is in critical condition #hopkinsshooting


951SHINEFM: Coming up next, Jack & Erin will be talking with Ann who was locked in the waiting room at Johns Hopkins. #HopkinsShooting #MDtweets

JHUNursing: Statement from Johns Hopkins Hospital about today's shooting there: http://ow.ly/2Fm7r #hopkinsshooting

msprolesmartin: #hopkinsshooting - why can't reporters say Johns Hopkins ... not John ... Johns.

patricksmith04: justin_fenton seems to have a working phone now. #hopkinsshooting

dbnitkin: #hopkinsshooting Justin_Fenton's phone died, we learn from CNN; PinkGrammar rushing him replacement pronto.

michaelmhughes: #hopkinsshooting CNN showed up, right near me. FBI and ATF also on scene.

curlyreddesign: is very grateful that my sister (a Hopkins employee) is ok. Love you, Car. #hopkinsshooting

UrbanSandbox: Dear Baltimore media, this is totally inappropriate time to pat yourself on the back for #hopkinsshooting coverage .@baltimoresun

EmmaHayden: I hear ya. RT @HimmelrichPR: Following #HopkinsShooting and @justin_fenton are great for updates, not so good for getting work done.


KristerDunn: "@bbjonline @johnshopkins has 46,775 inpatient admissions/yr (128 a day) & more than 1,700 docs. lots of folks affected by #hopkinsshooting"

michaelmhughes: #hopkinsshooting more tactical cops boogieing to Wolfe St. Entrance

csgraham: .@johnshopkins has 46,775 inpatient admissions a yr (128 a day) and more than 1,700 docs. lots of folks affected by #hopkinsshooting

amyautomobile: Oh good! RT @baltimoresun: Injuries not life threatening. "The doctor is going to be OK," said @BaltimorePolice. #HopkinsShooting

RobinYasinow: Impressed by coverage of #HopkinsShooting by @justin_fenton & @baltimoresun via twitter. Kudos.

eyeonannapolis: If anyone wants to see a great example of #socialmedia in action check out @justin_fenton covering the #hopkinsshooting in real time!

dukiebiddle: Also on #HopkinsShooting, I've witnessed baracaded gunman situations in West Baltimore that didn't even make the Baltimore Sun. #justsayin

michaelmhughes: #HopkinsShooting http://yfrog.com/n6yu1ej

Adam_Streets: Following @JustinFenton and @BaltimorePolice for the ongoing #HopkinsShooting

cancergirl730: One of my closest friends works at Hopkins and is currently locked up in a room. #HopkinsShooting

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