Maryland Politics: Finally, a precinct with (relatively) high turnout

Word is that Maryland is seeing a pretty low turnout in today's primary vote, with lunchtime totals ranging from 4 to 10 percent.

But reporter Yeganeh Torbati has found a precinct that's been somewhat more active. That would be Baltimore County's 5th precinct, voting at Towson Presbyterian Church.

Ann Shepter, the site's chief Republican judge, said the precinct had seen higher-than-expected turnout. As of 6 p.m., around 750 people had voted -- including around 430 Democrats and 300 Republicans, representing a higher than 25 percent turnout for the precinct, Shepter said.

Shepter said the high turnout was largely due to a large number of senior citizens, many of whom were bused in from local retirement homes such as Blackhurst, which Shepter estimated sent about 100 voters on five buses.

"There was a huge senior citizen vote at this precinct today," said Shepter, who said she has worked at this polling site for ten years. "Your grandmother said, 'I have to go vote today.""

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