Maryland Politics: All quiet at Bernstein's watch party

All quiet at Bernstein's watch party

At JD's Smokehouse in Canton, the Bernstein party is sequestered upstairs in a room with four TV cameras, two bored bartenders and three stuffed deer heads on the wall.

No sign of Democratic state's attorney challenger Gregg Bernstein, but his banner is flying proudly, right above the Reingold Lager sign behind a makeshift podium. As the polls close, a rep said he's going home to "regroup" and show up down here a little after 9 p.m.

Supporters are starting to trickle in, and a rep from the police department is hanging out in the corner but made sure to say that there isn't an official police presence.

Paul Pineau is an associate in Bernstein's law firm and volunteered throughout the campaign and spent eight hours at the polls today. He was optimistic about the results.

"We had fantastic reactions," Pineau said. "Most people waved me off and said 'you don't need to talk to me, I'm only voting in this primary to support your candidate'."

-Richard Adbill, Capital News Service

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