Does Boise's win mean it will be in BCS title game?

1 win seals nothing

Andrew Carter

Orlando Sentinel

Boise State is off to a great start to play for a BCS national championship. But that's all it is, a start. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. The Broncos beat Virginia Tech on Monday night. That had to happen for Boise to have any chance whatsoever of playing for the title. But a lot more has to happen too.

For one, the Broncos would need to finish the season undefeated. Their next real test comes Sept. 25 against Oregon State. For another, Boise needs other national title contenders to lose. If Alabama and, say, Ohio State are both undefeated at the end of their seasons, Boise would almost assuredly be left out of the title game.

So let's not award the Broncos with a trip to Glendale, Ariz., just yet. They're on the right path, but even if they remain undefeated there's no guarantee they'd play for the championship.

No guarantees in life

Dave Fairbank

Newport News

In a word, no. Nice start, but no guarantees. The Broncos still must run the table, which includes beating Oregon State on Sept. 25 and winning impressively throughout. Because there's a beauty contest component to reaching the BCS title game, the relative strength of the Western Athletic Conference — or weakness, if you prefer — demands that they not slog through the league.

There are also several factors out of their control. Boise State needs some level of cannibalism at the top of the BCS league food chain. Virginia Tech and Oregon State, assuming it wins that game, must have good seasons to bolster Boise's credibility among pollsters and computers. An undefeated Boise is likely the third wheel should two BCS league teams go unbeaten, and might be left behind a fortunate one-loss team. Way of the world.

Still must run table

Chris Dufresne

Los Angeles Times

Boise State's dramatic win over Virginia Tech on Monday night assures the Broncos of nothing. It only allows Boise State to stay in the beauty contest, which is what college football is.

It's incredible the amount of backlash the team is already receiving from people who don't want to see it in the national title game. Boise State will have to do more than finish undefeated. It will have to continue to impress voters week in and week out.

It doesn't have the same luxury Alabama receives. The Crimson Tide needed two blocked field goals last year to beat a Tennessee team that lost at home to UCLA, but that was just a blip.

This is the price Boise pays for playing in a conference it's leaving, the WAC. Boise will have to go undefeated and then have to hope the champion/champions of major conferences suffer one or two losses.

Ticket not punched yet

Teddy Greenstein

Chicago Tribune

America has fallen in love with Boise State, the underdog form Obscuresville with the non-threatening baby blue-ish uniforms. And that's a good thing. As long as the Broncos keep winning, it will make for a season of healthy BCS debate.

If the Broncos win out, I'd love to see them get all the consideration in the world for a spot in the BCS title game. But to say a 12-0 Boise is guaranteed a ticket to Glendale is absurd. And not because the Broncos benefitted from three debatable rulings by the officials down the stretch against Virginia Tech (the no-block in the back, the soft late hit and the no-pass interference).

Bottom line, if two or more teams go undefeated, the voters should favor those with the most quality victories. And, on paper, Boise's best remaining opponent is 0-1 Oregon State.

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