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How would you handle France's World Cup team?

Same song and dance

George Diaz

Orlando Sentinel

I would take everyone to see "Les Misérables," because, after all, aren't the French a bunch of pathetic, miserable boors?

I'm just a rubbernecker at this point, so I have no idea how an implosion of this magnitude can happen. But I suggest that the French soccer federation folks are walking around their offices as emperors with no clothes.

They've hired a coach no one wants to play for and who will be fired as soon as France is eliminated from the World Cup — quite possibly today when the French face host nation South Africa. For once, let those atrocious vuvuzelas drown out the whiny French.

The federation has also managed to piece together a bunch of quitters who have let their distaste for the coach and adversity in Cup play blind them into an obsessive suicidal run. They deserve to get bounced, the whole bunch of them.

C'est la vie, losers.

Off with their heads

Grahame L. Jones

Los Angeles Times

If the French are serious about salvaging a soccer reputation that now lies like a rain-soaked baguette in a Parisian gutter, here's what they should do. Send all the haughty and incompetent federation honchos back to Charles de Gaulle airport on the first flight out. Make sure they take lame duck coach Raymond Domenech along with them. Fly Laurent Blanc, the coach-to-be and 1998 World Cup winner, to South Africa, if he is not already there. Have Blanc call a team meeting and tell the prima donnas that either they defeat South Africa on Tuesday or they never play for Les Bleus again.

If all that fails, there's always the guillotine.

Start from beginning

Paul Doyle

Hartford Courant

In the short term, the most humane outcome for France is a quick and painless defeat to host South Africa. End the World Cup run as soon as possible so the country can be spared further humiliation.

This French soccer operation — from top to bottom — makes the 1970s Bronx Zoo Yankees look like the Waltons. All of the bickering has led President Nicolas Sarkozy to instruct his sports minister to remain in South Africa and intervene in the feud between players and coaches.

It's too late. This team has been floundering for years and there should have been changes on and off the field before South Africa. Ditching coach Raymond Domenech and reprimanding the prima donna players isn't enough — the country's soccer federation needs an overhaul.

So when France is ousted from the World Cup, it's time to tear it apart and start from scratch. What we've seen over the past few days is way beyond repair.

Overhaul the roster

Bob Foltman

Chicago Tribune

If it's possible to blow up a national team and start from scratch, that could be the best option after a weekend worthy of a daytime soap opera.

The Football Federaton director, Jean-Louis Valentin, made a dramatic resignation announcement Sunday after the team refused to practice. The embattled coach, Raymond Domenech, will be replaced at the final whistle of Les Bleus' final match, leaving the mess to incoming coach Laurent Blanc, who must be wondering whether he can reconsider.

Blanc's first move should be to overhaul the scandal-ridden roster before the European Championships in 2012. France's meltdown since Thierry Henry's infamous hand ball should reaffirm Ireland's belief in karma.

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