Woods back in ‘normal' setting

Tiger Woods entered the room with little fanfare and without the constant clicking of cameras.

His news conference lasted only 16 minutes. There were 76 seats in the interview room, and 24 were empty.

On the golf course, Woods received warm applause when he was introduced on the first tee. The loudest cheer came at the end of his pro-am round Wednesday at Quail Hollow in Charlotte, N.C., when he knocked in a 25-foot birdie putt before thousands of fans soaking up warm sunshine.

"I have to say, this feels a heck of a lot more normal than the Masters did," Woods said.

The Quail Hollow Championship is another step toward Woods trying to get back to normal, at least with his golf, following a sex scandal that kept him away from the game for five months.

Since he returned three weeks ago at the Masters, this is the first event Woods is playing in which tickets were sold to the general public, and the fans' behavior was not much different than at Augusta National.

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