Circus highlights

Here's a sampling of what to look for at this year's circus:

Getting up-close and personal: An hour before the show starts, ticket-buyers (at no additional charge) will get a chance to meet and talk with the performers, maybe get some autographs and even see an elephant that paints.

Every kid's dream: During the show, three lucky kids actually get to control their parents, levitating them off the floor (although they will come back down to earth eventually). How cool is that?

Big cats: Considering Kenneth Feld once produced shows for Siegfried & Roy, you knew there had to be tigers here. Tabayara Maluenda and his 12 magnificent Bengal tigers will be keeping up that grand tradition.

Poof! goes the pachyderm: There's a four-ton elephant that vanishes early in the show. But don't worry; it re-appears later.

Double dynamite: First, a young woman is supposed to get shot out of a cannon, but things don't entirely work out as expected. Then, two women get shot out of a cannon. Talk about more bang for your buck!

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